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While we were on a forced quickie vacation to Playa del Carmen, Mexico, for a wedding, I must have had inkle on the brain. Do you see what I see?image
Inkle pick-up patterns!

Here too, right?

The carpet in the lobby made me think of an inkle band with off-set rows of alternating bars of color.

Then I saw this weave in a chair.

Obviously it’s not inkle, but the weaver/textile lover in me made me snap a picture of it anyway.

The weekend was a lovely, much needed forced time-out. Had it not been for the wedding we would not have stopped our lives to go away right now.

Our life is more hectic than it ever has been before, with two little ones and hubby working full-time while being back in school at night. It is amazing how little sleep I have discovered I need to function, with the help of coffee to be sure. Not always function well, mind you, but function.

Thanks to Nana staying with the boys, we took a bit of a break. Hubby still had school work to do, but it was so nice to have meals and conversation without the enthusiastic interruptions of a 3 year old or passing a baby back and forth.

As we juggle all that is our very full life (happily so), this weekend was a reminder that stopping to take a break every now and then is important. I am a better me afterward, which is better for everyone involved. Trust me. And one of the best benefits to hitting the pause button, is my creativity receptors are clearer. Good thing too, because I’ve got a lot of weaving to do!

How do you recharge your batteries?

warp, weave, be happy! ~Jennifer