Designs that pickup both heddled and unheddled threads are so visually interesting. The whole look of the band is completely changed. And, amazingly, at most I am only picking up five threads in any given row.

In cleaning out a bag that holds one of my inkle looms, one that I had not used in a while, (the bag, not the loom) I found a plastic baggie full of string heddles. I have no memory of ever making them…

I make all my heddles out of Omega Nylon Yarn. The yarn makes heddles that are slippery enough to not stick to my warp but strong enough to stay tied and not come apart. The best part is I can have fun colors designated for each loom. Do you have a favorite material for heddles?

The big bundle of red ones are the ones I don’t remember making. I twist them into little skeins and store them on mini alligator clip paperclips. They store so nicely in this little box. I used to store my heddles on the looms, but realized they needed a different home. What happens to the extra heddles when I am using the loom, or all the looms ( yes, sometimes all my looms are occupied)? This has turned out to be the best solution so far. How do you store your heddles?