Project Tutorials

Check back often for creative project tutorials for your inkle band weaving. There are more to come!

Inkle Carrots Rabbit

Inkle Band Carrots

Inkle Origami Goldfish

Inkle Origami Goldfish

Inkle Origami Mobile Shell Beads

Inkle Origami Mobile

Marker Painted Warp

Marker Painted Warp

Inkle Woven Heart

Inkle Woven Heart

Inkle Band Basket

Inkle Band Basket

Inkle Shoelace Tips: How To wreath christmas ornament

Inkle Wreath Ornament tutorial snowflake ornament2

Inkle Snowflake Ornament



5 thoughts on “Project Tutorials”

  1. So inspiring, especially to a new inkled. Are you going too be coming back to your blog? Thanks,sherie

  2. How can I sew/fix bands together?

  3. Great reading your bllog post

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