$10 and one hour at an estate sale, that’s what it cost me to discover a kindred spirit I never had the pleasure to meet.

I slowly walked through the garage in awe, taking in the sight of what looked like a lifetime collection of creative interests. I don’t know if my kindred spirit was a hand weaver or even knew what an inkle loom was. But, I do know that she was a craftswoman of many talents. She knitted, embroidered, quilted, latch hooked, and tatted, all fiber arts that I have done, do, or want to do. We would have had much to talk about.

This luscious box of vintage silk embroidery thread was among the many goodies I chose. The colors are so vibrant. I can’t wait to see what creativity they inspire.

I totally related to the collection I saw that day. Some of the things in my crafty stash I have had since I was a girl, including inherited knitting needles and my grandmothers sewing basket.  Crafters collect. Like most crafters, my own collection continues to grow as my interests and skill levels change.

By the time I arrived it was the end of the sale that had been going on for two days. I couldn’t help but wonder what else could have been in the garage that I didn’t get to see or think about all the projects that were created with the supplies and patterns in front of me. It was a treat to get a glimpse into the path the interests of this fellow crafter took.

Kindred Spirit, we never had the chance to meet, but know that the wonderful treasures of yours that I am honored to now call mine will be put to good use by a kindred spirit with a crafty heart.

warp, weave, be happy.