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Day 3: page 25 from Inkle by Evelyn Neher.  Uses 2 warp ends at each pick-up.

Day 3 introduces black to the design. I am not sure which I like more. Doing the pick up with two warp ends at a time makes the motifs really bold.

Happily, I found out fellow band weaver, Marieke Kranenburg, of The Bandweeflblog: Adventures in Card Weaving and Band Weaving, is going to do a daily band practice also. The blog is in Dutch, so I translate it to English using Google Translate. Marieke’s daily band practice has a lovely twist that makes it uniquely hers, which any daily practice should be. She has chosen to spend her daily band practice finishing all of her unfinished objects (UFOs), in this case, bands she has pulled of looms in various stages of completion to start other bands. Isn’t this a great idea? We all have a project or two (or more than we are willing to admit), that have been sitting, just waiting to be finished. Read more about how she developed her daily practice here. Three days in and Marieke has already finished three unfinished bands. Way to go! You can follow her daily updates and see those completed bands here (the daily band practice posts are in English).

I am so excited to have unexpected company in my #dailybandpractice. If you start your own daily band practice, please share what you are doing, the more the merrier.