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Daily Band Practice: Day 7.
Daily Band Practice: Day 7

Playing with outlines again. This motif is very attractive. Wouldn’t it make a pretty band woven at intervals along an entire band. I can image the band warped with a fourth color in the middle. Something bold like red? Bright, maybe yellow? Ooo, or maybe multiple colors in one bold stripe? Hmmm…

Shuttle is loaded and ready for more weaving.

Isn’t this green from Lunatic Fringe just yummy? I’m seven days into weaving the first band of my daily band practice and I ran out of weft. This is one of my favorite shuttles to weave with, but it doesn’t hold a lot of weft. It was interesting, however, to calculate that I’ve used 6.8 yards of weft so far, that’s more weft than I would have thought. If my average amount of weaving stays the same, I will use approximately 350 yards of weft. Now I’m curious and will have to keep track.

Today’s motif is from page 28.

warp, weave, be happy! ~ Jennifer