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Daily Band Practice: Day 20

This motif was woven by picking up threads in alternating pairs, every other row, in both the background and pattern colors. I’ve only every done this with single colors. Doing a study of horizontal stripe pick-up has already taught me a lot.

I admit that I unwove quite a bit on this one. My warp was getting fuzzy because I unwove so much, and Lunatic Fringe Yarns is not a fuzzy yarn. The little white dots are supposed to be crisp, but they kept looking muddled, like in the area circled in the picture below. They blend together compared to the ones in the lower half of the diamond.

I’m curious to explore this more and try to figure out what was happening structurally. Have you ever woven this technique before? Did you experience the same problem?

Today’s design was from Inkle by Evelyn Neher, page 41. Interestingly, it was the only one of it’s type.

Warp, weave, be happy! ~ Jennifer