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The last two days of January both had such a delicate lacy feel I thought I’d share them together.

Most of my early bands were woven in 10/2 perle cotton. When I first started working with 5/2 it seemed so thick. It is now one of my favorite sizes to work with. Here it seems so light and airy. The alternating pick-up reminds me so much of lace.

I played weaving chicken with both of these motifs. They both filled the entire length of the weaving distance between the heddles and the front peg on my little travel inkle loom. I barely had enough room to fit the whole motif to be able to take a picture of it. While I was weaving it, I had to advance the motif past the front bar, finish the motif, then back the band up to the heddles to snap the picture.

Wow, my first month of daily band practice is done. It’s been amazing taking time, with intention, to weave every day, even a few inches. I thought ending the month with a flower was fitting; let it grow.

Both motifs are from Inkle Weaving by Helene Bress, page 124 (194a, e).

Until next time,

warp, weave, be happy! ~ Jennifer