This motif unintentionally ended up being a nod to my mid century modern design aesthetic. The design reminds me of images of mid-century modern wallpapers and fabrics I’ve seen in movies and pictures. The original pattern had the six warp ends all picked up on one side. For some reason I decided to alternate which side had the thick boarder. I would love to weave this as an entire band. What a striking camera strap or belt it would be. I would love to try this with a painted warp so the motif would change colors as it advances up the band. This was a pick-up only band, but I would weave it by dropping threads too. Having it be reversible would be so pretty.

This mid century modern motif is adapted from Inkle Weaving by Helene Bress, page 124 (194f).

Until next time,

warp, weave, be happy! ~ Jennifer