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Someone asked if I have learned anything so far in my daily band practice. At the time my answer was not yet, but what I would answer today is, if I get behind by one day of blogging, it is not as easy to catch up as I’d like. Time seems to melt away. But, isn’t that the point of why I am doing a daily band practice. If I do not commit to make time for weaving, I will definitely never find time. That being said, let’s get caught up.

Day 46: Seems very similar to Day 44 to me, but with a more modern feel. Day 47: Do you see honeycomb? Day 48: I was ever so grateful to have my daily band practice on this day. It was stressful day and weaving this meandering chain was just the meditation I needed.

Day 49: We have a lot of creepy crawly things here in Florida. Maybe I have lived here too long, but this motif reminds me of a few of them. Day 50: I made a mistake in this one and didn’t notice until I had taken the picture. Can you spot it? Day 51: I was excited to weave this S motif. In Baltic pick-up it is one of my favorites, so it was fun to weave an S in horizontal strip pick-up.

Day 52: Pick-up on horizontal strips that mixes single and double warp threads creates such interesting motifs. Day 53: This motif creates the illusion of subtle curves by mixing single and double pick-up threads combined with mixing three and five pick floats. Day 54: This one almost didn’t make it into existence, I didn’t make time with intention, but just before bed I did it. It was the perfect way to end the day.

Day 55: We have some beautiful flowers blooming right now, maybe that’s why this motif reminds me of flora and fauna. Day 56: This time, the mixing of single and double pick-up threads created a motif that resembled pulled thread embroidery. Day 57: Wow, did this motif weave differently than what I expected from the pattern in the book. Actually, I almost didn’t weave it because it look to be so similar to Day 49. There are slight bends, not sharp angles each time the ladder turns. Again, this was achieved by mixing single and double pick-up threads.

Day 58: More mixing of single and double pick-ups and mixing of three and five pick floats at play. Day 59: What a perfect way to close out the month, with an S motif. I am not sure why I like these so much, but I really do.

My loom is warped up and ready for March. All of these motifs are from The Weaver’s Inkle Pattern Directory: 400 Warp-Faced Weaves by Anne Dixon, pages 36-37. I will be weaving a few motifs from Mary Meigs Atwater’s Byways in Handweaving next month.

Until next time,

warp, weave, be happy! ~ Jennifer