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Happy Valentine’s Day!

In honor of the day, I tried my hand at designing a heart motif. I drew two drafts before attempting to weave it, but the paper and pencil technique was not giving me a true idea of what the heart would look like. So, ultimately, I created the heart as I wove it.

The yellow portion is pick-up only, while the grey center area is a combination of pick-up and drop down. As I was weaving, I realized the only way to create the illusion of the “V” in the middle of the heart was to create background. For every grey thread I picked-up, I dropped its partner yellow thread. It seems to have worked pretty well, but I think the “V” could be a pick or two shallower. I may weave another and see.

Yesterday, I revisited my Valentine’s Day post from February 2013, after Liz Gipson of the Yarnworker blog shared the post on Facebook. It was fun to look back, but also inspiring. In the original post, I wove a heart out of woven inkle bands. Rereading the post reminded me that I pondered then about making the heart smaller and turning it into a pin. Guess who made a pin yesterday? I updated the original post with the details of how I made the pin.

I hope you had a day of kindness and love.

Until next time,

warp, weave, and be happy! ~ Jennifer