I’ve been inkle weaving my little heart out. In the past 7 days I have woven 9 inkle bands. I was trying to create a new design to replace the inkle band I wove last week that was too wide for the project I’m working on (to be revealed soon – I’m so excited about it!). I went crazy. It was so fun!

The results of my inkle weaving bonanza.

It’s amazing how changing the accent color can change the look of the pattern. The red/black and yellow/black bands are the same pattern. The yellow pops so much more.

The inkle bands are woven with garment quality nylon crochet yarn. Nylon is not normally a material I use, wear, or like, I am a cotton girl, but I love this stuff. It is soft and smooth with a great sheen – perfect for the soon to be revealed project. The only challenge is that the sheen makes it hard to tell the whitish colors apart from each other when next to black.

Top: beige/black; Middle: cream/black; Bottom: grey/black

In the end, the red/black – yellow/black designs come the closest to what I was trying to do, but overall I am pleased with all of them. I think they will look great in my project.

warp, weave, be happy.