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Ta-Da! Introducing the project I made with all those inkle bands:

Inkle Bangles!

I am doing my version of the dance of joy right now. If this was a football game my team would definitely be charged with an excessive celebration penalty.

This inkle project has been an idea in my head since October. I could see what I wanted, but wasn’t sure how to create it. I made a few samples that were unsuccessful, but close, then I finally came up with the right process. Yay!

My studio (a.k.a the room where crazy happens) is such a mess right now. The past two weeks have been a crazy dash of conceptualize, weave, create, tweek, repeat. Nothing I used in the create/tweek stages has been put away. I can’t pause the creative process and clean up when I am in the zone. Actually, I don’t ever like to clean, but that’s not the point. Crazy was happening.

The bangles take about 3 hours to make, including weaving time. Not a bad time investment considering what I end up with.

I am SO SO jazzed about how they turned out! It always feels great when something I have envisioned in my mind turns out even better than I hoped. And it is just an added bonus if I can wear it too.

warp, weave, be happy.