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“Jennifer, what is that going to be?”

My mother-in-law asked me this yesterday while I was weaving an inkle band in preparation to teach my first class on inkle band projects at Florida Tropical Weavers Guild Mini-Extravaganza this weekend. How timely!

The potential of what it is going to be is exactly what I love about inkle weaving. I’ve always been amazed at the idea of taking “nothing” and turning it into something like sewing fabric into a dress or crocheting or knitting a ball of yarn into a sweater.

With inkle, weaving the band is just the first step of the creative process. Once it is woven, you get to turn nothing into something again. How about bangle bracelets, a handle for a handbag, a belt, or roses (the header for this blog!)? Truly you are only limited by your imagination. Fellow blogger and highly talented weaver A Spinner Weaver shares a great idea list of uses for inkle bands.

So, a bit about what I was weaving. The band really was woven to make samples of the projects I’m going to teach. I used a varigate cotton yarn that is out of my color comfort zone, but something I bought trying to stretch my color horizons. The new heddles I made for the loom are made out of a rainbow variegated nylon crochet yarn, also out of my color comfort zone.

Oh how fun it was to look down and see those little dots of color! Feeling the comfort zone stretching . . . inkle rainbow heddlesDon’t they look like rainbow sprinkles?Inkle heddles rainbow sprinkles on pinkEye-candy for sure!Inkle heddleswarp, weave, be happy!