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I sat on the floor with 25+ years of Handwoven Magazine at my finger tips. Stacked in neat tantalizing piles they were waiting for me to attack.Stack of Handwoven Magazine

A few weeks ago a fellow guild member sent out an email bragging she was destashing her Handwoven Magazine collection dating back to 1985 (well, not really bragging, but since I don’t destash I am always jealous of people who do). My heart fluttered, I only learned about the magazine 4 years ago when I became a weaver. Just imagine what inkle weaving treasures could be in those pages. She had EVERY issue. I had to go take a look.

Now, how to find the inkle weaving articles in over 100 issues without taking so long to search that I would have to move into her house. Hmmm! I needed a game plan.

Guess what? Interweave Press, publisher of Handwoven, has indexed every issue since 1979 by subject and author!

Handwoven Magazine Inkle IndexYeah, I know, No way! What an awesome resource!

I went to the index, searched the word inkle, printed the index pages that matched my criteria (6 in all) and headed to her house.

My game plan: with the specific issues and pages I was interested in highlighted, I’d be in and out. Took a little longer than that, but after 2 ½ hours I was a happy girl. I still can’t believe I only walked out with 6 magazines. But my “plan” allowed me to be eagle eye focused.

Since I’m so into inkle band projects, I was hoping to find cool ideas and inspiration; more than belts and bookmarks. While those were there I did find some great goodies. Including a doll I can’t wait to try! How unique and cute are these?!

Inkle Band dolls

“Inkle Band Babies” by Christi Eales Ehler, Handwoven Magazine Nov/Dec 2003 p. 60

Thank you Handwoven Magazine so much for saving me from having to move! This index might just be one of the greatest online weaving resources around. I’m hoping to make some of the fun Handwoven Magazine projects in the near future, let’s hope my son keeps taking long naps!

warp, weave, be happy! ~Jennifer