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I’ve had this idea for an inkle band project for a while now. Since December, actually.


In between playdates, laundry, runny noses… you get the picture, it’s been thought about it, drawn, theorized about, and sampled- 3 times. Finally, I came up with a method that would give me the results I wanted.

The best way I found to inkle with beads was too pre-string the warp with beads. I used 1,020 cube Delica seed beads. When warping the loom, only put the beads on the unheddled, open warp threads. And slide beads down as needed.

The project that is to come is really exciting. If I may say so myself, unbiasedly of course. More details will be revealed soon. I’m trying to finish it in time to attend my state guild weaving conference, FTW, mid-March. Wish me luck!

Warp, weave, be happy!

~ Jennifer