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This motif of a human figure is the first that I have woven. I’ve always enjoyed the backstrap designs of South American that depict human figures. It was fun to finally weave one. I did modify this design a little by adding one more pickup row in the head, and elongating the hat.

Weaving this motif was pretty straight forward, picking up warp threads in pairs for the entire design. While this is from Evelyn Neher’s book, Inkle, it is not a printed pattern in the book. I adapted it from a picture on page 50, exhibit 1, which she captioned as “Student’s first belt with pickup design”. This was the end of her section on what she calls alternating, so the next post will feature a motif from a different book. Which one will it be, hmmmm?

Until next time,

Warp, weave, be happy! ~ Jennifer