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Does this ever happen to you?
You are weaving away on a wide inkle warp and it slips off a peg.Inkle-Warp-slipping-off-peg
I have this affliction which causes me to design inkle warps that end up wider than I intended resulting in warp slippage.

This very wide warp has 132 10/2 perle cotton warp ends.

My solution? Rubber o-rings, also known as rubber jump rings.



The beauty of using rubber jump rings is that they are available in so many sizes and fun colors; plus they are fairly inexpensive. You can purchase them almost anywhere that sells jewelry making supplies. Or you can go to your local hardware store and get some rubber o-ring washers. I think they are in the plumbing section. Unfortunately, the ones at the hardware store only come in black, which is not nearly as fun!

warp, weave, be happy!