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When I was in grade school, one of the best things of all about back to school time was receiving a brand new box of crayons. The big box. 64 colors. Ah, I get excited now thinking about it. All the colors. All the possibilities.

Look at all those colors!

And yes, these are my crayons, not my sons. 🙂

Well, I got that same thrill recently when I went to the Florida Tropical Weavers Guild Conference. Unfortunately, I didn’t go to teach or attend any of the workshops this year. The baby was too young to leave for too long. But, I did get to sneak away for an afternoon to see friends and shop, courteous of my wonderful inlaws, who were in town.

And just look at what I bought!

Eye candy!

Eye candy!

I know! Isn’t it pretty.I love looking at this yarn! Crayon nirvana all over again. But, this is even better. It’s like fiber crayons; the box of 64 with a sharpener.

The yarn is from Lunatic Fringe Yarns. They have brilliantly come up with a 10/2 perle cotton yarn color wheel called “The Tubular Spectrum”. Endless inkle color play for sure. I also had the pleasure of meeting Michele Belson, one of the owners.

Look at all those colors!

Look at all those colors! Oh, the projects that await.

I have used Lunatic Fringe yarn in many of my projects, so I am excited to have the full color spectrum. It was my intention to buy the colors I didn’t already have, but I decided to buy the whole kit because it was so much more cost effective.

Besides, one can never have too much yarn. Right?

warp, weave, be happy!