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Two skeins of lusciously beautiful 100% Egyptian cotton yarn are en route to me as I type this. I wait; not so patiently… The skeins, balls really, do not have a lot of yardage in them, so I know I am going to want to sample the yarn before I attempt a band with it.

The last time I sampled a warp, I tied each warp end on individually, but I wanted a more efficient method to accomodate sampling a warp with more ends. So, in preparation for the goodies soon to arrive, I dug in my stash and found a skein of inexpensive acylic yarn that I bought because I liked the colors, but had no plans for, and tweeked my method a bit.

This time, I tied the warp on in groups instead of individually.
Inkle-sample-method-2 Inkle-sample-method-2-(2)

And, I warped over the top back peg. This kept the heddled and unheddled warp yarns laid neatly in place even though they were tied in groups.
Inkle-sample-method-2-(7)     Warp going over back peg and tied into groups.

A surprising result of tying the warp on in groups is that the groups wanted to twist. But, they easily straighten out with a few toothpicks inserted at the beginning of weaving (or what every you have on hand).
Inkle-sample-method-2-(4) Inkle-sample-method-2-(5)

The sample band, including fringe is only 16 inches long. Even my mini inkle loom can not make a band that short.Inkle-sample-method-band

The length and width were just right to understanding this yarn. From sampling I learned:

– This yarn is “toothy”, meaning it sticks to itself and needs to be coaxed apart at each pick. The skein is really soft, so I wasn’t expecting this.
-This yarn is self-striping. The label did not indicate this. I was hoping for a more verigated dye pattern.
-This yarn is not a good choice for weft. The pulling, tugging, and passing through the shed weakened it and caused the yarn to break. I switched to a cotton weft, which was thinner and smoother than the warp, and it worked much better.

I would call these tweeks a sampling success. Based on this sample band, I know this yarn is not good as a weft or as a stand alone warp yarn. Possibly, I will use it for an accent or  a pick-up yarn in a band. Hmmm…

warp, weave, be happy!