Happy New Year!!!!

If 2020 taught me anything, it is that time is a funny thing. This year time seemed to flow like molasses at warp speed. When things started to shut down I thought that we would have so much more time to do the things we never seem to have enough time for, like weaving. But, amazingly, the opposite happened. I seem to have less time for everything, especially weaving. Weaving is very important to me, and yet, I can never find time for it. So, 2021 is all about intentionally making time to use my inkle loom.

This year I have finally committed to do a daily weaving practice. Or should I say a daily band practice. Yes, pun intended. 😊

A few years ago, I took a workshop tapestry weaving workshop taught by Tommye Scanlin. She talked about her practice of weaving a tapestry diary. Her tapestry diaries are a way to practice her art daily and to chronicle her year. That was the first time I had ever heard of a daily weaving practice; the idea has intrigued me since. Her tapestry diaries are amazing. You are sure to enjoy them and should peruse her gallery of tapestry diaries.

Another artist who has influenced me to do this is Windy Chien, author of The Year of Knots. Windy decided to learn to tie a new knot every day for a year and chronicled her practice on Instagram, @theyearofknots. The work she produced for her year of knots is a feast for the eyes.  

A horizontal stripe warp has always been my favorite for pick-up patterns and will be the warp for each band (unless inspiration leads me in a different direction – you never know when inspiration may strike). Choosing this warp perfectly fits with another inkle goal I’ve had for a very long time; to work through one of my favorite inkle books, Evelyn Neher’s self-published book Inkle. Using just her patterns on a horizontal stripe warp will get me through the first 72 days of the year!

Book Inkle, by Evelyn Neher
Self published in 1974. An amazing book and rare find, grab one if you can!

To keep myself on track, I made a few simple rules for myself:

1. Interact with my loom for at least 15 minutes every day, either weaving or warping.

2. Post my progress daily.

3. Enjoy the weaving.

I invite you to follow along with my #dailybandpractice here on my blog, on Instagram @dailybandpractice, or on Facebook @inkledpink. And, here is day 1!

Day 1 of #dailybandpractice. Page 23, Inkle by Evelyn Neher.
Day 1 of #dailybandpractice. Page 23, Inkle by Evelyn Neher

Do you have a daily weaving/fiber/art/ or other creative practice? Have you ever done one in the past?

Other inspirational daily fiber practices you should definitely check out:

               1. One Button A Day (@ginabsilkworks on IG), by Gina Barrett. She hand stitched an amazing button a day for a year. The final collection is museum worthy. Check out both years 2016, and 2020.

               2. One Year of Stitches (@1yearofstitches on IG) by Hannah Claire Somerville. While we have all sheltered in place, Hannah has “stitched in place” since March, a stitch a day. The stitch she chose is so perfect to chronicle such a bizarro year. She has been stitching her way through the years since 2016.

               3. One Year of Stitches and Buttons: Embroidery Hoop 365 Project. In 2017 Ashley Hackshaw aka, Lil Blue Boo, stitched on one embroidery hoop for a year with a mind-bogglingly fantastic array of stitches and buttons. The finished project is a wonder to behold.