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Weaving pick-up on a horizontal stripe background with two threads at a time really punches up the visual impact of the design. This design is so bold, partly owing to it being in black. The motif I wove on day 7 is similar to this one, but definitely has a much more delicate feel. The combination of it being white and woven with single pick-up threads it has more of a lacey appearance.

I would love to weave a band that has variations of this motif woven with one, two, then three threads picked-up in the motifs. Seeing the progression of the difference of the motifs on one band might be very interesting. Or, how about weaving each motif in black then white, but using the same number of pick-up threads. Thinking of all the design possibilities is such fun!

Until tomorrow my fellow inkle lover,

warp, weave, happy! ~ Jennifer