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Sometimes we choose to take a break and sometimes life makes us take a break. Life made me take a break and focus on selfcare to recoup from a surgery. (All better!) I hadn’t made it a practice to look ahead at the motifs, preferring to discover what I would be weaving each day. But, in knowing I was not going to be able to weave for a few days, I not only looked ahead, but, I also wove days 13, 14, and 15 on day 12. In hindsight, I should have woven day 16 too. Lessons learned.

Designs woven by picking up both colors, like in days 13-16, are what excite me the most about weaving pick-up on horizontal stripes. I love the energy created by picking-up both colors within the same design. Doing so changes the visual texture so much. I will be exploring this technique more later in the year for sure.

Day 14 was my favorite of all when I wove it, but it was a little mind bending in the weaving and following of the chart. I did a lot of unweaving that day. I’ll chalk it up to still recuperating.

All of the motifs here are from Inkle by Evelyn Neher, pages 35-38.