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Why is this one folded, you may ask. This motif was about making the design reversible. All the other motifs clearly have a “right” and “wrong” side. Unlike Baltic style pick up, only picking up threads does not make a pretty reverse pattern. You only see the weft floats on the backside. For this diamond in a diamond pattern, every thread I picked up I dropped its heddled partner. Picking and dropping takes a bit longer, but is very worth the effort for a reversible band.

The wrong side of the band doesn’t look bad, but, it is clearly the back side. The back side of Day 13 illustrates what I mean. The areas where I picked up on the front, show the green weft on the back, not a reverse image.

The observant among you may have noticed that the folded motif is off the loom. How could this be since the month had yet to finish? Well, I miscalculated and didn’t put enough warp on my loom, so I ran out of warp. I had to warp my little inkle to finish out the month. Ah, the best laid plans of mice and men, oft go astray.

The reversible diamond is a motif from Inkle by Evelyn Neher, page 43.

Warp, weave, be happy! ~ Jennifer