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And today’s design is brought to you by Helene Bress, from the book Inkle Weaving, page 117, published in 1975.

Inkle Weaving is the first book I owned about inkle weaving. The friend who taught me to inkle weave suggested the book, and I am so glad she did. I find myself referencing it often when I am in a design phase.

After working with one author’s designs for a month it was interesting to weave a design from another author. Their unique design sensibilities of the patterns presented by the two authors definitely highlights different aesthetics. With the groupings of right-side up and upside down triangles, the motif has a bit of an Aztec or Southwestern feel. I wonder how the feel of the motif would change if multiple warp ends were picked up in each pick instead. So many options!

Until next time-

warp, weave, be happy! ~ Jennifer