If I were a statistician I would run the numbers on how any different ways a group of threads on a horizontal striped warp can be woven into a diamond. I almost skipped this motif, sure I had woven one exactly like it. Looking back over the band from January, I realized that I had not. A few diamonds are similar, like Day 6 and Day 23, but none are the same.

When I wove an outlined diamond the first time it was in a single color. Combining the two colors is striking.

Did you notice the brown is a bit bolder today? The brown seemed muted by the blue and orange, and was not present in a proportion that reflected my inspiration picture. It’s subtle, but I added another stripe of brown to each side of the band. And, I did it with out unweaving yesterday’s weaving. I simply tied on to the front peg, wound the new yarn on in the path of the band, sliding the yarn under the warp in the places where I needed to go under and over a peg. Since I heddle after I warp anyway, adding new heddles to the new warp ends was a snap. Then, I started weaving. This is what it looks like after the new warp ends are incorporated into the band.

After the band is off the loom, I will use a blunt, large eye needle, like a tapestry needle, to weave the ends into the shed, or space, where the weft is. The band will be a bit wider at that point, but otherwise, you won’t even notice a thing.

Until next time,

warp, weave, be happy! ~ Jennifer