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The technique of pickup with both heddled and unheddled warp threads makes it very difficult to maintain a consistent band width. (Ha, that’s a good pun.) When picking up many threads, the band will naturally want to draw-in. This happens even more the more threads picked up. One way to counter the draw-in is to drop the partner (heddled or unheddled) thread for every thread picked up. When the partner thread is dropped, the reverse of the motif will be on the other side.

The motif on the left is the original pattern from page 38 in The Weaver’s Inkle Pattern Directory: 400 Warp-Faced Weaves by Anne Dixon. The motif on the right is the band flipped over. And as I look at reverse side picture, I see a spot where I didn’t drop a thread. Oops. Weaving goes much faster when picking up only, and for simple patterns I usually only do pickup. This motif in the book only calls for pickup. But picking and dropping threads really makes a striking band. How do you usually do this type of pickup?

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